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(2016) Marginal Arts Festival

Leanna Brodie: Other People's Stories

Theatre is always in the present tense: though it may portray the past, a play is always happening now.  So how do you work with historical and documentary materials – archives, interviews, books, newspapers, photos, museum objects – to bring them to life in a compelling way? Participants will discuss how to read as a playwright rather than as a student, and how to identify theatrical moments and images in found texts, while also considering ethical and practical questions posed by this work. How can you powerfully evoke the voices of others, while remaining true to your own?


Leanna Brodie is a playwright, translator, and actor whose work has been produced across Canada as well as in New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. Her play about the Women's Institutes, For Home and Country, broke box office records at Ontario's acclaimed 4th Line Theatre two years in a row. Schoolhouse, set in a rural one-room school in 1938, has more than two dozen productions by school and community as well as professional theatres – most recently by Gallery 7 in Abbotsford. Her play Turbulence, about the wind farm controversy in Ontario, is being developed with the Blyth Festival: as a recipient of the George Ryga Scholarship, she recently worked on it in the Playwrights Colony at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Her plays are published by Talonbooks of Vancouver and by Playwrights Canada Press, where she is a member of the Board of Directors.


Pre-Registration Required - Maximum 16 people 

Saturday, September 3, 10:15 - 1:00 

Fee: $60 adults, $35 students under 21

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